Marie Josette Maxime Calixte, MBA
My parents, themselves entrepreneurs, have personified entrepreneurship for me as a way of life that is fulfilling. 

In the nineties, when I was 23 years old, I built my first company from scratch in West Africa. It was a children's clothing store. I learned immensely about setting up a company, running it efficiently while minding customers, employees, merchandise, regulations and the big picture. I made numerous mistakes that pertained to planning, market research, and control. That was two decades ago. I have noticed many entrepreneurs everywhere make my old costly and avoidable mistakes, which are like subtle secrets that hide in plain sight.

I aspire to share my insight and experience objectively in the form of coaching and consulting, especially that ever since the stage of observing my parents, and founding my first company, I have made sure I studied business thoroughly, and also healthcare management, community services management, project management, six sigma green belt IT (quality assurance), online course developer (designing and teaching using technology), competency-based instruction (pedagogy with an emphasis on having each learner reach their potential), digital marketing, and more. Let me omit some because we can stop right here. 

This is to say that as an immersed individual since my childhood, an entrepreneur myself who also has held employment besides studying business administration and other disciplines that support one another, I am highly competent and capable of helping entrepreneurs achieve ambitious goals for themselves, their families, and their communities. We work together because I care, and I mostly want to serve. My philosophy is that those I help must strongly feel a connection with their company according to what they value, their vision and the better version of the reality they have in mind. Then, we make it happen. 

My expertise is with business start-ups. I believe in strong foundations. That is why I would rather devote my time and my effort to help at that stage knowing that business I touch is solid in the present and will be in the future, focusing on results, continuity and flexibility based on company culture. 

By the way, I have traveled a bit and learned to value diversity and uniqueness. I lived in France a few years; in Togo, too. I taught spoken French for five years in New York to children and adults, in classes made of single members or groups. Most of my students were quite beginners. Many were about to visit a French-speaking country. One of my students, a retired person who has a passion for the language, went through the whole method, writes and speaks fluently, can think and express abstract thoughts. Another student of mine wanted to get into a French University for studies at the graduate level that had to last about a year and successfully got admitted. He already spoke French fluently when he enrolled for his class with me but had to take the French test again as a foreigner whose first language was not French. Why did he fail the first time? He could not figure out which test-taking strategies were the best for him and did not know that was the problem, not language. Those examples demonstrate my ability to unlock challenges and maximize the potential in every one of my customers.

In Haïti, I tutored at my parents' academic institution (eleventh-grade optics, a branch of physics) before I started to travel as the teenager I still was. I attended my parents’ private secondary school: Civisme. In other words, after our primary school cycle, my brothers, sisters and I enjoyed the privilege of home-schooling. My parents (father, surgeon-dentist & lawyer and mother, pediatrician) taught us several courses, and hired specialists in the other areas, to complement their expertise. I am fluent in Haitian Creole and have done legal interpretation in New York State Courts for fourteen years. This is important to notice that speaking more than one language means that I can be sensitive to others' differences and their priorities. In other words, I am an open-minded person who can put myself in other people's shoes while remaining objective.

Having been on both sides as an entrepreneur/employer and as an employee knowing that each status has its own twists, let me confirm that practical and theoretical knowledge, as well as resourcefulness, go together. They form an invaluable package as everyone should seek to go beyond just running a company. Ideally, every entrepreneur wants their company to be a lasting one that thrives independently. 

I stand for making long-term social change through entrepreneurship.